David Babcock & Associates FTP
Consultant Access Reference Guide
David Babcock & Associates’ FTP site can be accessed in the following method in order to
download shared information for this project:
To Log onto the FTP:
• Right click on the “Start” tab in the taskbar and open a Microsoft Explorer Window (not
Internet Explorer)

• Enter ftp://ftp.dbabcock.com/ in the address window


• You then go to File and Login As and type in the following project information:
o Username: Website Photos
o Password: dbaweb

Please note: the username and password are case sensitive.
Once the Username and Password are entered correctly, the project files will be displayed in the
explorer window and can be either viewed directly from here or downloaded onto your
computer (by either copying or “drag and drop” methods).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any problems with accessing or viewing
the files.
David Babcock & Associates